Balance of Nature supplement products is prevalent in the wellness market. However, do they are effective? By reading our review, you will learn how these supplements can boost your health and well-being.

Balance of Nature is a well-known brand in the wellness market, providing vegetables and fruits packed with nutrients and fibre.

The Balance of Nature products promises an entire system of health that can improve your overall health. However, do they perform?

We’ve examined the powders of fruit and vegetables and the whole brand to find out how these supplements work and if they’re worth the price.



Read on to discover the benefits of Balance of Nature vitamins, their adverse effects on nutritional supplements, and the ingredients listed on each supplement’s label with the information in the Balance of Nature review.


  • An easy way to eat healthy fruits and vegetables every day
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A relatively costly supplement
  • The brand has been issued an FDA warning letter from the FDA.

You must take 6 supplements every day.

The supplement’s label of factual information needs to provide actual value for the mix of vegetables and fruits.

The Balance of Nature brand offers an array of nutritional supplements that are part of a comprehensive health regimen. The idea behind the system is to address the deficiency of nutrients in our modern lifestyle.

The Balance of Nature supplements is designed to aid people in getting as fit as they can. They’re designed to assist in healthy eating habits with a high proportion of fruits and vegetables.

About the Brand

The Balance of Nature brand was founded in the hands of Dr Douglas Howard, a chiropractor, in the late 90s. As a health enthusiast from a young age, Dr Douglas observed how fruit and vegetables could help improve people’s health.

He studied the health advantages of vegetables and fruits. He discovered the phytonutrient content of these fruits and vegetables, as well as the presence of other plant compounds, aid in improving overall health and lower the chance of contracting certain diseases.

What Is the Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies?

The supplements are popular and are made by the company. They come in three varieties of capsules: the Maintain blend and the Protect blend, as well as the Repair blend.

Each capsule has a powdered mix of vegetables and fruits renowned for their phytochemical and phytonutrient levels. The blends are free of additions or sugars. They are made entirely of natural ingredients.

While these supplements for the dietary market are top-rated, it is worth noting that the company was issued an FDA warning letter. This letter accuses the company of altering the quality of its supplements and failing to ensure the purity that its supplements provide.

Does Balance of Nature Work?

Its Balance of Nature supplements comprises 16 fruit and 15 vegetables, dietary fibre and various spices based on the kind of capsule you pick.

Supplementation with concentrated fruits and vegetables is a beneficial way to improve your health. Balance of Nature Balance of Nature products claim to provide a complete health plan, but the product’s nutrition label doesn’t provide exact amounts of any one of its ingredients.

This lack of information suggests that consumers need to learn how much of the substances they are taking in, and consequently, the question is whether they’re taking enough of them for them to be able to benefit.

Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies Ingredients

The ingredients in Fruit capsules and vegetable capsules are different. It is recommended to consume both to boost your overall physical well-being.

#1 Maintain Blend

A 720mg capsule takes this Balance of Nature Veggies Capsule Maintain blend. The tablet comprises spinach, broccoli, green cabbage, soybeans, wheatgrass, kale celery, cauliflower, white onion and zucchini.

A 731mg capsule is used to take taking the Balance of Nature Fruit Maintain blend. It comprises papaya, tomato, apple, banana, wild blueberry, grape strawberry, and aloe vera.

#2 Protect Blend

The vegetable capsules in Protect Blend are 713mg. Protect Blend are 713mg. The Blend of vegetables comprises red cabbage, garlic, soybean, red onion, cayenne spice, Shiitake wheatgrass, and sweet potato.

The supplements for fruit are 719 mg capsules that consist of a mix of fruits, including orange, tart cherries, cranberries, Wild blueberry, grape grapefruit, apple and aloe.

#3 Repair blend

The Repair blend of vegetable concentrate capsules is available in 576mg capsules. It comprises kale, carrot, soybean, green onion, celery, cauliflower, spinach and zucchini.

Balance of Nature Benefits

Balance of Nature products come with some reported advantages. However, the majority of them need to be validated.

Balance of Nature Side Effects

While Balance of Nature claims that the Balance of Nature company states that supplements they offer are safe to consume, a few individuals may experience adverse reactions.

The company also claims that the supplements are not affecting any medication. However, the product is grapefruit-based and has been proven to interact with certain medicines. Some medications it may affect are calcium channel blockers, statins, anticoagulants, and immunosuppressants.

An FDA warning letter that was sent to the company is also alarming. It accused the company of contaminating nutritional supplements and not ensuring that its products meet quality standards. Additionally, the letter stated that the company did not conform to the requirements of the CGMP.

While there isn’t any evidence that these problems cause negative side consequences, the FDA warning should set alarms regarding the safety and effectiveness of Balance of Nature products. Balance of Nature products.

How to Take Balance of Nature Supplements

The supplements made through Balance of Nature can be taken in various ways. The capsules are taken in the same way as other supplements. They are mixed into drinking a glass of water and then consumed whole.

They can be sprinkled on porridge or cereals or chewed. They can also be cooked, which means you can add them to various baked goods and meals. They can also be added to your smoothie.

How We Tested

When we review products, we follow an exact method of testing. We look at the effectiveness, quality of the ingredients, cost and the brand’s reputation for the products we review.

Quality 8/10

The quality of the product is crucial for any supplementation. And we are very serious about it.

Balance of Nature Balance Of Nature supplements is regarded to be good quality. Many reviews from customers are positive and indicate these supplements may have improved their health.

Effectiveness 7/10

The efficacy of supplements must be the top consideration when selecting between brands. That’s why we ensure that every supplement we test has proven effective.

Ingredients 8/10

The ingredients of the supplement are what create it. When we look over supplements, we’d like to look for a wide range of nutritious ingredients that can boost your well-being.

Price 5/10

Healthy living shouldn’t be costly that people cannot pay for it. Unfortunately, this is the reason Balance of Nature falls short.

The supplements they offer are expensive when compared with similar products. It is possible to purchase these supplements on Amazon and their website.

Brand name reputation 8/10

The image of a brand is vital to us. If the company is well-known and has a good reputation, it’s likely to impact its customers’ well-being positively.


Our Balance of Nature review has provided the brand’s history, product information, and the effectiveness of the items offered.

It has earned a good reputation and is widely accepted by the supplements community. People also report feeling better after using these products; however, the evidence is not as strong.